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The UPR-180 air-plasma cutting set

The set developed by our Company for manual air-plasma cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals, up to 50 mm thick. The set is mobile, easy to use, and does not require high qualification from the cutting operator. One working shift is enough to train the personnel to operate the set. A qualified operator is capable of cutting metals up to 70 mm thick.
The main technical advantages of the set include the capability of continuous operation during the whole working shift, due to the use of the latest technologies in the design of the plasmotron, and the use of air for plasma generations, instead of expensive gases like acetylene, and propane. The set has a high cutting capacity while providing maximum protection for the cutting operator.
The equipment is certified by the State Standards Committee of the Russian Federation. Certificate # ROSS RU.AYa04.N00745.
3-phase operating voltage, V
Operating frequency, Hz
Power consumption, kW
Idle mode voltage, V, no more than
Operating current, A
Air consumption, m3/hour
Operating mode, %
Maximum cut metal thickness, mm
Overall size of the power supply unit, mm
Power supply unit weight, kg
Weight of the remote set, kg
Weight of the cutter including the plasmotron, kg
According to the customer request, the set may be equipped with a compressor, air de-oiling and de-moisturizing filter, a 20 or 30 m length pack of cables and hoses, and any quantity of consumables. The experience of using the UPR-180 sets during several years has demonstrated their high reliability, and high profitability with a 3 operating months payback period. 

Metal cutting speed graph

Pack of cables and hoses
Cutter and plasmotron assembly
Remote set


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