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The "Akron" Company is a reliable vendor of industrial equipment, which performs warranty and current repairs of compressor plants. Always in stock are spare parts for the equipment produced by the "Autospetsoborudovanie" plant in Bezhetsk and the Poltava turbomechanic plant.


    Piston compressor stations (plants)
    Screw-rotor compressor stations (plants)
            The ZIF-PV-5/0,7 compressor plants
            The PV-10/8, and NV-10/8 compressor plants
            The VVP-9/7 compressor plants
    Compressed air preprocessing equipment



The VKU-75 screw-rotor compressor has been developed and launched into production.
 The range of compressed air purification and drying equipment has been expanded. details...
 Our office in Tula has moved.
 On  25th June 2003 "Akron Ltd" celebrated its 10th Anniversary.
 Our representative office opened in Ekaterinburg. Tel./Fax: (3432) 218-73-80.details...
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