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In 2000 "AKRON Ltd" developed and in 2001 launched the production of screw-rotor compressors under its own trademark - VKU series. These compressors are assembled on the basis of ROTORCOMP (Germany) screw rotor units, which defines their reliability and high operating performance. The compressors have a low noise level, and low power consumption. The equipment has a Certificate of Conformance issued by the State Standards Committee of the Russian Federation, and the license issued by the State City Technical Supervision Committee for use in chemical, petrochemical, oil-refining, and other industries.

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The UPR-180 air-plasma cutting set is designed for manual air-plasma cutting of ferrous and non-ferrous metals up to 50 mm thick. The equipment is certified by the State Certification Committee of the Russian Federation:

The VKU-75 screw-rotor compressor has been developed and launched into production.
 The range of compressed air purification and drying equipment has been expanded. details...
 Our office in Tula has moved.
 On  25th June 2003 "Akron Ltd" celebrated its 10th Anniversary.
 Our representative office opened in Ekaterinburg. Tel./Fax: (3432) 218-73-80.details...
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